Geological Map of New Zealand

A collection of digital geological maps in GIS formats comprising geological, geophysical and topographic layers. Some geological map products include other components such as printed maps, printable PDF geological maps, accompanying explanatory text, 3D geological models and interpreted drill hole databases. The data are available for download and/or through web services. The geological maps cover all or parts of New Zealand and its islands, Victoria Land and the Ross Sea region of Antarctica and the continent of Zealandia. Includes the national QMAP 1:250 000 Geological Map of New Zealand dataset and the 1:1 Million Geological Map of New Zealand as well as new geological map products as they are published. These maps represent the post-2012 component of the Regional Geological Map Archive and Datafile, one of New Zealand Nationally Significant Collections and Databases, and complement older geological maps available from the Historic Geological Map Archive repository. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2012). Geological Map of New Zealand [Data set]. GNS Science.
Hosted By: GNS Science
Categories: Land, Geology
Keywords: New Zealand, ANTARCTICA, GEOLOGIC MAPS, stratigraphy, structural geology, geological units, rock units, topography, Stewart Island
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