Geomagnetic Database

The Geomagnetic Database enables measurement of geomagnetic data from observatories at Scott Base (Antarctica), Eyrewell (Canterbury) and Apia (Samoa) and transfers processed data to the global INTERMAGNET database This database documents the short-term and long-term fluctuations in the Earth's regional (New Zealand) magnetic field. Legacy hardcopy magnetograms in storage are being digitised.
Hosted By: GNS Science
Category: Geology
Keywords: New Zealand, Geomagnetism, Magnetic fields, Magnetic anomalies, Amberley Observatory, Apia Observatory, Eyrewell Magnetic Observatory, Samoa, Scott Base, Antarctica, Magnetic recording, Christchurch Magnetic Observatory, Temporal variation
Data Quality
Parameter Score Description
Accessible (AC) Good Data are accessible from a public facing server
Common Format (CF) Good Data are available in a commonly used format (syntax)
Data Lineage Statement (DL) Good Data are well described in terms of their origins, modifications and processing history
Data Quality Statement (DQ) Good Data are well described in terms of their content quality, completeness and consistency
Governance (GO) Medium The contributing organisation (CRI) has ambiguous ownership or recognised stewardship of the data
Identifiers (ID) Good Both metadata and the data are described with a unique identifier
Terms of use (TU) Good A data licence is easily accessible and understandable
Last Updated (LU) Good A last updated statement is available