Geothermal and GroundWater database (GGW)

The GGW database is operated and maintained by the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS Science). It contains geochemical (chemistry and sampling), hydrological, geological and/or geophysical information for Sites (Features) in New Zealand. Included in the database are the datasets for the National Groundwater Monitoring Programme (NGMP) and Wairaikei Analytical, Recording, Thermo Dynamic System (WARTS) projects maintained and operated by GNS Science. The database design was adapted for New Zealand from Australian Standards. DOI: Cite as: Geothermal and GroundWater Database. 2005–. Lower Hutt (NZ):GNS Science. The collection is housed at the GNS Science Avalon campus. Catalogue information is digital and available online. Information pertaining to the type material is accessible to the public from the GNS Science web site. DOI: Cite as: GNS Science. (2008). National Paleontological Collection (NPC) [Data set]. GNS Science.
Hosted By: GNS Science
Category: Geology
Keywords: Groundwater chemistry, Database, Fluid chemistry, Air quality data, Geothermal features, New Zealand, Raoul Island