NZLRI Land Use Capability 2021

Land Use Capability (LUC) 2021 is a specific subset of the NZLRI. The LUC rates the ability of each land region to sustain long-term agricultural production, based on an assessment of the NZLRI inventory factors, climate, the effects of past land use, and the potential for erosion. Capability is used in the sense of suitability for productive use or uses after considering the physical limitations of the land. The 2021 version of the LUC comprises a revised layer which now includes nationally consistent LUC unit descriptions.
Hosted By: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Category: Land
Keywords: Land, New Zealand, Land Use Capability
Data Quality
Parameter Score Description
Accessible (AC) Good Data are accessible from a public facing server
Common Format (CF) Good Data are available in a commonly used format (syntax)
Data Lineage Statement (DL) Good Data are well described in terms of their origins, modifications and processing history
Data Quality Statement (DQ) Good Data are well described in terms of their content quality, completeness and consistency
Governance (GO) Good The contributing organisation (CRI) has ownership or recognised stewardship of the data
Identifiers (ID) Good Both metadata and the data are described with a unique identifier
Terms of use (TU) Good A data licence is easily accessible and understandable
Last Updated (LU) Good A last updated statement is available