S-map Data

S-map is a digital soil map for Aotearoa – New Zealand. S-map’s goal is to provide precise and accurate soil information to support sustainable management of our soil resource. S-map data contains fundamental soil property data like depth, stoniness, and clay content, as well as more complex data like available water, p retention and nitrogen leaching risk. S-map is generated by expert soil surveyors, assisted by historical soil mapping and innovative new data sources. For areas where S-map does not have full data the Fundamental Soils Layers (FSL) may provide useful information. The FSL is available through the Land Resource Information System Portal also discoverable on this site. As of August 2021, S-map coverage stood at 67.7% of multiple land use. S-map coverage increases annually.
Hosted By: Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
Category: Land
Keywords: Soils, Land, New Zealand, Digital Soil Map, Maps
Data Quality
Parameter Score Description
Accessible (AC) Good Data are accessible from a public facing server
Common Format (CF) Good Data are available in a commonly used format (syntax)
Data Lineage Statement (DL) Good Data are well described in terms of their origins, modifications and processing history
Data Quality Statement (DQ) Good Data are well described in terms of their content quality, completeness and consistency
Governance (GO) Good The contributing organisation (CRI) has ownership or recognised stewardship of the data
Identifiers (ID) Good Both metadata and the data are described with a unique identifier
Terms of use (TU) Good A data licence is easily accessible and understandable
Last Updated (LU) Good A last updated statement is available