National Water Table

This dataset is a model-derived steady-state mean water table at the New Zealand nationwide scale with a resolution of 250m x 250m. These data are described in Westerhoff et al. (2018) – URL: . The model used aimed for a solution that obtains a nationwide overview of groundwater that bridges the gap between the (too-)expensive advanced local models and the (too-)simple global-scale models. The model is inspired by an existing, global-scale, groundwater flow model and improved by feeding in national input data of New Zealand terrain, geology, and recharge, and by slight adjustment of model parametrisation and model testing. The resulting nationwide maps of hydraulic head and water table depths show that the model points out the main alluvial aquifers with fine spatial detail. DOI: Cite Dataset as: GNS Science. (2018). National water table model [Dataset]. GNS Science.
Hosted By: GNS Science
Categories: Freshwater, Geology
Keywords: New Zealand, groundwater, water table, aquifer, model-derived
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